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Revolutionizing Money Transfers for Canadians with Flitwire Inc

Flitwire Inc is a Canadian company that provides a simple and secure portal for Canadians to send and receive money, with a particular focus on enabling seamless transactions to loved ones in Africa. Aasbots Technologies played a crucial role in optimizing Flitwire's processes to improve efficiency and customer experience. A comprehensive analysis of Flitwire's existing processes was conducted, and areas for enhancement were identified. Aasbots Technologies provided guidance to Flitwire's team in designing a cutting-edge process flow map that streamlined the onboarding processes, identity verification, wallet system integration, and platform integration with the NIBSS (Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System). This integration enabled instant transfers of funds within Nigeria, reducing the time it takes for Canadians to send money to their loved ones


Flitwire Inc was able to implement the process flow map seamlessly, resulting in a significant overhaul of their operations. The onboarding process for new users became more efficient, with faster identity verification and wallet system integration, reducing the time required for customers to start sending money to Africa. The integration with the NIBSS system enabled Flitwire to provide instant transfers within Nigeria, a feature that set them apart from other existing platforms.

As a result of Aasbots Technologies' expertise and efforts, Flitwire Inc experienced a substantial increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty. The company's reputation as a reliable and secure platform for money transfers grew, and they witnessed a significant surge in the number of customers using their services. Flitwire's market share in the Canadian remittance industry also soared, establishing them as a preferred choice for Canadians to send money to Africa.

Aasbots Technologies played a pivotal role in transforming Flitwire's operations and achieving outstanding business outcomes by optimizing their processes and enhancing customer experience.

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