Remote Monitoring & Management

Aasbots Technologies takes inventory of your devices & software, health status, detect anomalies & threats, enforce policies and support of all endpoints in your network from one dashboard.

Get a free health check for your device

We have all the resources to keep your network up and running

Remote Access.  Attended and Unattended integrated remote support 

Real Time Alerts.  RAM usage, hard drive, CPU load, AV, customized event viewer alerts plus much more

Patch Management.  Identify and automate software update patches, ensuring your customers’ networks are always up to date 

Custom Scripting.  Script, execute and track custom maintenance tasks. Further automate your IT management 

IT Automation. Pre-configured administrative and maintenance tasks which can be applied to servers and workstations

Antivirus & Antimalware. Integrated our RMM, gives continuous visibility of your security position, compare risk across networks, reduce attacks and automatically solve issues with simple patching.

Backups. All device and application backups are fully managed on our RMM