8 Essentials in Creating an Effective  Home Office 

Most Canadians working from home feel that their employers aren’t supplying them with the right tools to help them best work from home, causing significant barriers to productivity. Forty-four per cent feel their employer was unprepared for work from home scenario according to a study done by ITBusiness Canada.


When teams work together, they’re able to deliver excellent service to your clients. If your employees have the right tools, they’ll be able to do that collaborative work from home with no drop in productivity. 

When it comes to collaboration, both Zoom and Microsoft Teams stand out enabling online meetings, chats, calls, screen sharing, and file sharing. The difference between the two is really Microsoft Team's integration with Office 365 stack  (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc) . This enables Microsoft Teams to truly be a one-stop-shop for many organizations.

To use Microsoft Teams you have to subscribe for one of the Microsoft 365 Business packages.

Business Essentials: This costs $5 per month per user. It provides full access to all the Microsoft Teams features and 1TB of cloud storage.

Business Premium: This costs $12.50 per user per month. It provides access to all features in Essential, plus the Microsoft 365 suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc).

Microsoft 365 Business plan: This costs $20 per month per user. It comes with access to all the features in Premium, plus advanced security. 

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Cloud Security

The internet is full of malicious software and hackers trying to access any system they can find. Not having a virus protection can have severe consequences for you and your company.

The sad reality is that while large enterprises can weather the storm of litigation and loss of public trust that follows a successful cyberattack, most small businesses have no choice but to declare bankruptcy and close for good.

You can safeguard your firm by purchasing an antivirus that;

  • Prevents the loss of confidential data by setting filters that will block the transmission of sensitive information

  •  Assigns security policies to groups of computers and adapts once they leave your premises

  • Has a two-way firewall with Intrusion Detection is essential for blocking intrusion and hijacking

  • Blocks potentially harmful websites and malicious pages already marked.

  • Restricts or blocks employee access to applications or web pages.

  • Automatically scans or blocks USB devices on endpoints in your network

  • Makes you comply with regulations HIPAA etc

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