Apple’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC210 for this year was held this week and, in the usual fashion, so many new things were announced. Although the event holds for a couple of days, the first day is usually the most important, because it is when Apple gets to announce some of their major changes and upgrades, particularly with their operating systems. Among the things announced on Monday include iOS 15, iPadOS 15, WatchOS 8, and more.

iOS 15 has gathered a lot of buzz because of some of the updated features it would come with and we are so excited. However, we may not get to test it yet since it is most likely to ship with the iPhone 13 in September. In the meantime, only people with a developer’s account can download iOS 15 beta to test it. Anyways, we have heard some of the features coming with iOS 15 and seen some of them in action, thanks to YouTube reviewers, and we are just excited about these features.

So now, we would be looking at the top 5 iOS 15 features to be excited about. Remember, this is a personal list and there are sure to be some additional features when Apple releases a stable version of iOS 15.

1. Faster Siri

For years, I have been waiting for when voice assistants can work offline - without the internet. While using the internet is integral to their operation, some tasks, especially those that do not require answers from the internet, should be able to be completed entirely within the phone, without the internet, and Apple is finally doing that with iOS 15. While Siri only worked when connected to the Internet in iOS 14 downwards, the new iOS 15 would allow Siri to perform basic tasks, such as setting a timer or opening apps, without the internet. This can be very helpful, especially in places or times when you cannot connect to the internet. Nice one Apple!

2. Live Text

Another exciting feature is live text. With live text, all you need to do is to snap a written text, and you can copy out the words right from it - like magic. This would save you the stress of typing something you have written with a pen as you can simply just snap it and copy the texts, then paste it to your document editor. This not only works for pictures you have snapped but even for download pictures and screenshots as well. Your phone can even identify when there is a phone number in the picture and give you the option to just call it right away. How cool is that? 

3. FaceTime Update

Apple made a lot of changes to FaceTime that would make the app more exciting. The first change, which is a personal favourite, is FaceTime link. Now, you can schedule a FaceTime call and send links to people you want to invite. Sounds familiar? What’s more, you can share this link with your friends on Windows PC and Android devices and they can connect via web. In a time where people are holding more video meetings than before, it is important to be inclusive and Apple is coming to terms with reality. People have had to rely on apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and more because anyone could join. Now with FaceTime link, you can have a meeting with just anybody.

Another change coming with FaceTime is SharePlay. With SharePlay, you can share movies and tv shows with your friends. You can also listen to music together while on the call. With this, you can have movie nights together, even though you may be continents apart.

Voice Isolation mode is also a new feature that isolates your voice from the other noises in the background so that your listener can hear you better. Wide Spectrum mode lets your listeners hear every bit of noise around you.

Now, you can also do portrait mode while on a video call. Never worry about not being seen clearly again.

4. Safari Update

The Safari browser is getting some updates too in iOS 15. While the major changes to the browser can be seen on the new macOS Monterey and iPadOS 15, iOS15 also has its changes that would make Safari more functional. The first major change is the inclusion of plug-ins. While this feature was only available for macOS before, iPhone users can now add plugins and extensions to their mobile browser to allow them to get more. Another new thing is that you can now view your tabs in grid view, making them easier to locate. Also, you can save your tabs in groups, making them more accessible.

5. Privacy Update

Apple has always taken privacy seriously, which is why many people trust their devices. Privacy on iPhone is something Apple has always tried to make better with every software release and iOS 15 takes it further.

The first new feature is iCloud+ which is like regular iCloud with some new features. The most important of them is Private Relay which masks your IP and location so that you cannot be tracked while using the internet. This is very good for those who would like to browse incognito.

Another privacy feature is Hide My Email. With Hide My Email, you can generate random emails and use them to sign up for apps or fill out forms so you do not have to provide your real email address. This would reduce the amount of spam you receive.  A new Mail Privacy Protection will be added in the Mail app to let users hide their IP address and location and for them to chose how much information can be shared with email senders.

iPhone users would also receive regular app privacy reports to know what kind of data is being collected by apps and how the app is shared with third parties. This would give users control over their data and prevent them from being tracked by ad companies.

Well, these are just some of the features to look out for when iOS 15 debuts later this year. There are lots of other features, some even better than this, but the ones listed here are very cool and are bound to change your whole iPhone experience.