Proactively anticipate and neutralize threats ahead of time with advanced machine learning, layers of prevention and detection tools, and smart behavioral analysis.

HyperDetect Tunable Machine Learning
Stop advanced attacks well in advance of them being seen.
Defense against Fileless Attacks
Block script-based attacks by analyzing command code using tools like PowerShell.
Sandbox Analyzer
Instantly annihilate suspicious files or scripts on autopilot with full threat context.
Product Sheet
Content and device control

Create and enforce granular policies for web access and data protection, by content or device, including non-connected devices.

Network attack defense

Detect network attacks on Windows endpoints, including a wide range from brute-force, credential hunters, and drive-by-downloads to bots and trojans.

Firewall services

Control access to the network and the web in real-time, whitelisting legitimate apps and blocking malicious behavior. Restrict ICS and protect against port scans.

Anti-exploit coverage

No fear around zero-day threats as Bitdefender catches attacks in real-time and mitigates the corruption of memory that can lead to further vulnerabilities.

Advanced threat control

Set thresholds for your risk tolerance to raise alarms at the right time, and continuously monitor all processes to search for suspicious behavior.

Powerful add-ons

As well as the base package, you can include EDR, Advanced Threat Security, Email Security, Disk Encryption, and Security for Exchange.